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Online Games and Learning

Busy things online games and learning. Hey kids!

Try Busythings, our online game and learning space.

It's packed with fun games and activities for kids aged three to 11.  

Busythings works on computers, laptop and tablet devices and you can use it at the library and at home!

To enjoy Busythings you’ll need to login with your Library Card

 Use Busythings now. 

Busythings helps young minds can get creative and learn through play.

Create your own beautiful fireworks displays or Henna hand design to print or save.

Learn to categorise different species, design a lost pet poster or sports uniform for your school.

Bash out some cool tunes, and wow everyone with a new language!

Parents, teachers and children can learn and practice core maths, literacy and phonics skills through hundreds of activities and games full of lively animations, bright colours, wacky sounds and humour.

Each game and activity in this award winning package has been scrutinised by teachers in the design phase.

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