Renew and Place a Hold

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Renew and Place a Hold

You can renew and place a hold on items either at the library, online, by phone, or by email.

To renew and/or place a hold by phone or email we need your library card number.

To renew or place a hold online you also need your PIN (typically set to your year of birth).


You can renew item/s once, unless:

  • The item has a hold
  • Your membership needs updating
  • You have outstanding charges that need to be paid

The renewal of rental items incur a repeat fee.

Contact us to update your library membership.

Go to the Contact Us page

To renew your item/s online

Select Catalogue and Account in the header of this page.

Select My Account.

Enter your card number. This begins with ‘A0’ (zero) or ‘MA’.

Enter your PIN.

Select Log In.

Select Checkouts.

Select the items you wish to renew and select Renew.

Please check the due date – if this has changed your item/s has been renewed.

To renew your item/s on the app

Open the Marlborough District Libraries app

Select My Account.

Select Loans.

Select the item you wish to renew.

Select Renew.

If the renewal has been successful you will receive a message saying item renewed successfully.


Placing a hold

Placing a hold ensures the item will be held for you to collect.

It is free to place a hold.

You will be notified when the item is ready to be collected, It will be held for seven days.

To place a hold online

Find the item in our catalogue.

Select Place a Hold (green tab to the right of the item).

Enter your card number and PIN (typically set to your year of birth).

Select Login.

Select Place Hold.

Select OK.

Login to your account

To place a hold on the app

Open the Marlborough District Libraries app.

In the search bar at the top type the the title or author you are looking for.

When you find the time you're looking for tap on it to select it.

Select Place Reservation.

Confirm your pickup location and your library card then select Place Reservation.

You will receive a notification saying Reservation Placed when the hold has been placed.