Grants and Scholarships

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Grants and Scholarships

Running a marathon for charity? Needing funding to continue your studies? Need to fundraise?

Search these databases to find the right place/s to apply.

Accessing givUS and givME

Both givUS and givME are free to use with your library card number and PIN, but require you to create a login with Generosity New Zealand.

Follow the link below to create a login. You will need to enter your library card number and pin number prior to creating your Generosity New Zealand login.

Create a login to use with givUS and givME

Once you have created a login, use the link below to log in and search. Note: you will be prompted to log in with your Generosity New Zealand login:

Search givUS or givME


You can search for local or national funders, including government, local authorities and gaming trusts.

FAQS offer advice on how to prepare your organisation’s funding bid.


Search for awards, grants and scholarships to help individuals with school, tertiary studies or professional development and training.