Changes to Pressreader

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Changes to Pressreader

On 1 November, Stuff Limited (formally known as Fairfax Media New Zealand) has reduced the content delivered through New Zealand libraries on PressReader. This means the following titles will no longer be available to New Zealand library users on PressReader at home:

  • Sunday Star Times
  • Sunday News
  • Southland Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Waikato Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Dominion Post (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • The Press (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Nelson Mail (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Timaru Herald (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Manawatu Standard (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Taranaki Daily News (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Marlborough Express
  • TV Guide
  • NZ House and Garden
  • NZ Gardener

Access to non-Stuff content on PressReader will remain the same.

Stuff titles will however remain available on-site at Marlborough District Libraries (Blenheim & Picton) on personal laptops and on our dedicated Pressreader computers.

To use it now:

Go to the Pressreader website