No holds for select Borrowbox Titles

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No holds for select Borrowbox Titles

Marlborough District Libraries' eBook and eAudiobook platform Borrowbox has eight titles available with unlimited access.

This means you don't have to wait on hold to borrow these titles. These titles will be available to borrow for the next month.

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A Christmas to Remember by Anton du Beke


Adult Fiction

This Christmas, you are cordially invited to the wedding of the year!

London, 1938.

When fiercely independent chambermaid Nancy Nettleton first moved to London and the Buckingham hotel, the last thing on her mind was finding love, let alone falling for the debonair demonstration dancer Raymond de Guise.

As the festive season approaches, life at the exclusive hotel is busier than ever, with guests arriving from around the world, seeking comfort, relaxation and refuge as tensions build across Europe and it looks like another war is imminent.

Behind the scenes, the staff work tirelessly, ensuring the smooth operation of the hotel, guarding the secrets of their guests - but they have many of their own that they fear will be revealed.

As the band strikes up in the Grand Ballroom to celebrate Nancy and Raymond's wedding, one thing is certain - this will be a Christmas to remember.

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The First Lady by James Patterson


Adult Fiction

As he steps out of his hotel in Atlanta with the love of his life, the last thing President Tucker expects is to be greeted by the flashing cameras of the media. Or for his affair to be revealed to the world.

The President must act to stop the scandal from spiralling out of control, just weeks before the vote for a second term. But not before he figures out how to keep the First Lady on his side.

Grace Tucker, however, has other plans.

Betrayed and deeply hurt, she heads for a safe haven outside the capital. But when her security detail loses all trace of her, all hell breaks loose.

The First Lady is missing. Did she run away? Or is she in more danger than they could have imagined...

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Before the Storm by Di Morrissey


Adult Fiction

Face her demons? Or run?

After being double-crossed by a devious colleague, career woman Ellie Conlan quits her job on principle. With no idea what to do next, she retreats to Storm Harbour, an idyllic Victorian beach town.

Ellie's grandfather runs The Storm Harbour Chronicle, the trusted local newspaper. As Ellie is drawn into a story about a development which could split the coastal community - and involves her with the influential O'Neill family - an event she has long suppressed threatens to overwhelm her.

Dark clouds gather as rumours fly and tensions mount. And when a violent storm breaks and rages, Ellie will finally have to confront her past.

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The Mighty Mince Pie Massacre by Mark Lowery


Children's Fiction

The sixth book in the hilarious and anarchic Roman Garstang Adventure series.

It is the month before Christmas, and Roman's class is preparing for the Christmas fete and the school pantomime. The new teacher at the helm - the awful Mr Le Salle, a flamboyant, theatrical and downright nasty piece of work - is the least of Roman's worries. He also has to contend with the most rubbish role in the panto (being a box) as well as organising the Santa's grotto stall at the Christmas fete with loose cannon Darren Gamble. As the panto nears, it seems that everything that could possibly go wrong is about to. It is left to Roman to save the panto and the day...

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The Hogwarts Library Collection by J. K. Rowling


Young Adult Fiction

As every fan of the Harry Potter stories knows, the shelves of the Hogwarts Library are home to all sorts of fascinating books. There are three in particular you might have heard mentioned by... certain Hogwarts students and that you can add to your own collection.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by the world-famous Newt Scamander, has been a set textbook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since publication, is a fun and fascinating guide to magical creatures, and an indispensable introduction to the magical beasts of the wizarding world.

Quidditch Through the Ages is a comprehensive guide to the wizarding world's favourite sport. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a complete newcomer, you'll be in good company with this particular Hogwarts Library book.

Lastly, The Tales of Beedle the Bard are a collection of popular fairy tales written for young witches and wizards, and as familiar to Hogwarts students as 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'Cinderella' are to us.

So, if you're craving a little more magic after reading the Harry Potter stories, the Hogwarts Library books are exactly what you're looking for. And now you can enjoy all three of them in this single, bind-up edition: The Hogwarts Library Collection.

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The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth


Adult Fiction

Fern Castle works at her local library. She has dinner with her twin sister, Rose, three nights a week. And she avoids crowds, bright lights and loud noises as much as possible. Fern has a carefully structured life and disrupting her routine can be… dangerous.

When Rose discovers that she cannot fall pregnant, Fern sees her chance to pay her sister back for everything Rose has done for her. Fern can have a baby for Rose. She just needs to find a father. Simple.

Fern’s mission will shake the foundations of the life she has carefully built for herself and stir up dark secrets from the past, in this quirky, rich and shocking story of unexpected love.

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Rascal the Dragon by Paul Jennings


Children's Fiction

'Can I have a dragon please dad?' The answer is no. Or is it? In Ben's world dragons exist like dogs and fulfil all the doggy functions with dragon overlays, like having two heads, or being able to fly. The dragons all correspond to various breeds of dog.

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Gotta Get Theroux This by Louis Theroux


Adult non-fiction

In Gotta Get Theroux This, Louis takes the reader on a joyous journey from his anxiety-prone childhood to his unexpectedly successful career. Nervously accepting the BBC’s offer of his own series, he went on to create an award-winning documentary style that has seen him immersed in the weird worlds of paranoid US militias and secretive pro-wrestlers, get under the skin of celebrities like Max Clifford and Chris Eubank and tackle gang culture in San Quentin prison, all the time wondering whether the same qualities that make him good at documentaries might also make him bad at life.

As Louis woos his beautiful wife Nancy and learns how to be a father, he also dares to take on the powerful Church of Scientology. Just as challenging is the revelation that one of his old subjects, Jimmy Savile, was a secret sexual predator, prompting him to question our understanding of how evil takes place. Filled with wry observation and self-deprecating humour, this is Louis at his most insightful and honest best.

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