Displays and Exhibitions Policy

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Displays and Exhibitions Policy

The Marlborough District Libraries are pleased to exhibit works, samples and other objects submitted by community groups, individuals and businesses.

The Libraries will do their utmost to protect and provide a safe environment for the articles on display while in their care.

The Libraries however cannot be responsible or liable for any damage caused to the articles on display.

The following governs the use of display facilities offered by the Library:

  • Notice boards and display spaces are provided in each library on a first come basis and must be booked and confirmed before the proposed dates. No one issue shall be featured more than once a year.
  • The Library serves the whole community and seeks to reflect the interests of all members of that community.
  • Displaying materials is a means of providing access to information.
  • Displays are accepted at the discretion of the District Libraries Manager or his/her delegated representative.
  • Displays should reflect a benefit to the community as a whole. Every effort will be made to ensure a balance in the displays provided, so that over time no one viewpoint or subject is over represented. The Library will as appropriate, seek material from organisations for display in order to ensure balance is maintained.
  • The Library provides display space and notice boards free of charge to individuals and groups who wish to promote their activities through this medium.
  • Material to be displayed must meet minimum standards of literacy and decency, and must not be defamatory or incite people to break the law. All material displayed must indicate the name of the responsible group or individual with a contact address or phone number.
  • The Library cannot be responsible for the loss, defacement or return of materials and reserves the right to dispose of left materials as it sees fit. Defaced material will be removed from display.
  • Where space is limited priority will be given to material about Marlborough District Libraries and other services of Marlborough District Council.
  • Where a display incorporates Library materials, the Library reserves the right to ensure that these represent a balanced cross-section of views, especially where the topic may be controversial.
  • Information can be displayed in a variety of formats such as posters, notices, petitions, pamphlets, cartoons, or books.
  • Advertisements for personal services, items for sale, or job listings, will not be accepted for display.
  • Fair allocation of available space and time for displays will be at the discretion of the District Libraries manager or his/her representative.

Commercial activities

  • Displays of commercial products and services may be displayed where there is an identifiable benefit to the Library, or where there is a formal partnership in place between the Library and the displaying organisation.
  • Material for organisations which offer services to the public for a fee, such as yoga, music, martial arts classes etc, will be displayed if the organisation cannot easily be found from other sources such as telephone or commercial directories, or community newspapers.

Religious activities

  • Material for events organised by religious organisations will generally be displayed.
  • Material issued by religious organisations, which has the primary objective of encouraging people to join a particular faith, will not be displayed.

Political activities

  • Political party displays that are designed to inform the community will be accepted from the official announcement of an election date until the day before polling, provided that all parties are represented in the display.
  • Material that seeks solely to advocate an action, solicit members, request donations, raise funds or sell merchandise will not be accepted.
  • Material on individual candidates may not be distributed or displayed.