Library Manners

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Library Manners

We want everyone to enjoy their visit. That means looking out for each other with good manners and some shared rules.

When you visit the library, please remember:

  • Use your inside voice
  • No swearing or name calling
  • No bullying in person or on the computer
  • A computer turn is for 30 minutes
  • No more than two people on one computer (one driver and one mate)
  • Websites with inappropriate material are not allowed

Some social media sites (like Facebook) have age restrictions. Some sites/apps can let people you don’t know in ‘real life’ see where you live or contact you. We do not allow you to go on these sites at the library.

If you need any help or you see someone breaking these rules, please talk to the children’s library staff. We are here to help.

What happens if you break these rules?

We will speak with your parent/guardians and you will be told to leave the library.