Lost and Damaged Items Policy

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Lost and Damaged Items Policy

Lost items

An item that has been mislaid by a customer

Assumed lost items

Any item that has not been returned within 28 days of the due date

Damaged items

An item that has been returned in such a poor condition that it has to be withdrawn from the collection

Damage is either accidental (eg; liquids, animal damage) or intentional (eg; highlighting, underlining in pencil or ink)


  • Lost, assumed lost and damaged items incur a replacement charge.
  • Materials borrowed are the responsibility of the library customer.
  • In the case of children under the age of 18, responsibility lies with the parent, guardian or responsible party listed on the child’s account.


  • The customer will be informed of, and billed for any lost, assumed lost or damaged items.
  • The replacement cost of an item that is lost, assumed lost or damaged is the retail price of the item, plus a $5.50 processing fee.
  • If the replacement price cannot be determined the customer will be charged $40.00 plus $5.50.
  • The replacement cost for interlibrary loan materials is $100.00 per item.
  • When a customer has paid for a lost or damaged item, they may keep said item(s).
  • Payment can be made in person at your local library or via online banking.
  • If the items are returned within 3 months, in good condition, the replacement fee will be refunded.


Questions about this policy should be directed to the Blenheim Librarian, Picton Librarian or the District Libraries Manager.