How to Request a 3D Print

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How to Request a 3D Print

3D printing process

The procedure for printing from the Libraries’ 3D printers is as follows:

Selecting or creating a design to print:

  • Choose from the Library's catalogue or pre-arranged, basic prints. There are a variety of items and costs or
  • Download a design from a file-sharing database. We recommend Thingiverse, a Makerbot supported website of digital designs for physical objects or,

Go to the Thingiverse website

  • Create your own .stl file with Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) software. We recommend Tinkercad, a free, web-based 3D modelling tool for beginner designers that includes lessons and short tutorials on available features. You will need a valid email address to sign up.

Go to the Tinkercad website

  • You are able to access public computers at the library if you wish to use the above websites.

Submitting a design for printing:

  • Your design will need to be ready to export in .stl file format. It should be no larger than 15MB. if the file is too large, it can be compressed into a zip file.
  • Once your file is ready use our online form to request a 3D print to submit for printing. Public computers are available at the library to submit printing requests. After submission, you will receive a reference number.

Go to our online form to request a 3D print

  • Staff will review the submission to assess printability and provide a confirmation reply to your request which will include cost, estimated wait time and any additional details needing to be discussed.
  • Printing times can vary depending on the jobs currently running, volume of requests received, or library programming taking priority, however we will print and prepare for collection as soon as possible.

Collecting your finished print:

  • You will be notified using the contact details provided on the print request form when your item is ready to be collected from the designated library.
  • Finished prints will be kept secure by library staff and will need to be obtained from the reception desks.
  • Payment will be required on collection.
  • Items not picked up within one month will be recycled.

The library is not responsible for failed 3D prints, although we will do our best to assist in completing successful 3D prints

Go to our online form to request a 3D print