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Love Kiwi

Whether it be new authors, non-fiction inspiration, TV series or documentary. Pick up some homegrown content from the library this month.


The New Animals by Pip Adam

The big winner in last years OCKHAM book awards, The New Animals by Pip Adam is bold, daring and very different.

Set amidst the Auckland fashion scene, Carla has 'been away' but is back, living in a grungy apartment with an aggressive dog and working, styling hair for an emerging fashion house. Her workmates are driven and passionate, a motley crew of ambitious 'creatives', the story culminates in an intriguing adventure like no other.

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Pip Adam also reviews book on RNZ's afternoon show and presents a successful podcast about books called Better Off Read

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Go to Pip Adam's Better off read Podcast

The Ice Shelf by Anne Kennedy

Thoroughly modern and self-referential, The Ice Shelf features protagonist Janice, a writer who has hit the jackpot - a fellowship in Antarctica. But Janice is also couch-surfing after a messy breakup and needs to find a home for her beloved fridge.

Anne Kennedy's novel has so far been highly rated and is a finalist in this years' OCKHAM Book awards, winners announced in May.

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Read a review of the Ice Shelf on RNZ's Nine to Noon

Pearly Gates by Owen Marshall

Owen Marshall's seventh novel, set is small town New Zealand. Pat 'Pearly' Gates believes he would have been an All Black if not for his sporting injuries. Pearly is a second-term mayor of a small southland town, his children have left home, he seems to have it all. But is his kingdom about to crumble.

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These Two Hands, a memoir by Renee 92 REN

Currently being read on RNZ's Nine to noon, These two hands is essentially a collection of short stories that is the 'patchwork quilt' of Renee's life. Starting with a portrait of her mother, the stories are an accessible and often hilarious glimpse into the social and historical fabric of everyday New Zealanders.

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Visit the RNZ website to listen to the dramatization of These Two Hands that is currently playing on Nine to Noon

Sam Hunt : Off The Road by Colin Hogg 821.2 HUN

Funny, poignant, enlightening, brilliant, all words that describe Colin Hogg's book about the legendary New Zealand poet Sam Hunt. Colin and Sam have been friends for over two decades. Their friendship is evident in this road trip of a book that records conversations, jokes and poems, you can hear the laughter and comradeship through the text.

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Listen to Colin Hogg speak about his friendship with Sam Hunt and the making of this book on RNZ

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Sam Hunt also has a new poetry collection out. It is called Coming to it : Selected Poems

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Friday Poem : 100 New Zealand Poems edited by Steve Braunias 821 FRI

The Friday poem appears on The Spinoff website, you guessed it, every Friday. This collection brings together 100 of the best poems by kiwi writers Hera Lindsay Bird, Sam Hunt, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Bill Manhire, Elizabeth Smither, Brian Turner, Asheligh Young, Colin Craig among others.

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Go to The Spinoff website to read the Friday poem


Hibiscus and Ruthless

Hibiscus has an overbearing Samoan Mother - no going out and absolutely no boyfriends! But, in her last year of university, the boys are becoming more and more insistent in order to win the attention of beautiful Hibiscus. So she enlists the help of her friend Ruth AKA Ruthless to help keep her on the straight and narrow.

A comedy about family, love and friendship.

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The Breaker Upperers

Featuring the hilarious Madeline Sami and Jackie Van Beek, the Breaker-Upperers is about love and breaking up. Mel (Sami) and Jen are the Breaker-Upperers, a business that breaks up couples for cash. But when the past comes and pays a visit on Mel, she develops a conscience and starts to reconsider the morals of her and Jen's 'business'.

Funny and fresh, it won't fail to warm your heart.

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Brokenwood Mysteries

Think Midsomer Murders set in small town New Zealand. After moving to the country town of Brokenwood, DI Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea), discovers that murder isn't confined to the big city. Each episode comprises of a two-hour standalone murder-mystery featuring the classic-car driving, country-music-listening DI Sutherland and his by-the-books sidekick Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland).

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