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Earthday - Giving back to mother

Have you ever stopped to think what a wonderful place our earth is?

Earthday, Sunday April 22, 2018, is the perfect opportunity to cast our minds to the plight of our planet.

Earthday Marlborough is set to be an awesome event for all ages. Held at Blenheim’s A & P park on Saturday April 21, Marlboroughs' Earthday party will be a celebration of all things green - think green, live green, travel green, act green and play green.

Visit the Marlborough Earthday party website

Marlborough libraries have loads of titles to help you on your journey to think and act kinder towards our planet.

Browse the collections on our catalogue.

Browse titles on recycling and up-cycling

Browse titles on ecological and sustainable houses

Browse titles on organic gardening

Browse titles on sustainability

Or choose from our picks of new titles -

Up-cycling Outdoors; 20 Creative Garden Projects Made from Reclaimed Materials by Max McMurdo -

In Upcycling Outdoors, Max McMurdo teaches you how to discover your inner design genius, where to find great scrap items, and techniques on how to transform them into great design for your garden and outdoor spaces.

See Up-cycling Outdoors or place a hold on our catalogue

Building Small; sustainable designs for tiny houses & backyard buildings by David R. Stiles - 690.83 STI

The tiny house movement continues to gain popularity as more and more people look to simplify their lives and reconnect with nature. Building Small is your key to joining the tiny house revolution with designs for homes as well as a range of backyard buildings including workspaces and sheds. There's tons of practical how-to construction advice including best practices, common pitfalls and tips for the do-it-yourself carpenter.

See Building Small or place a hold on our catalogue

150 Best New Eco Home Ideas by Francesca Zamora Mola - 720.47 ZAM

Zamora Mola features houses from around the world that display ecologically friendly designs and details. They provide a wealth of ideas on creating an eco-friendly concept for any home.

See 150 Best New Eco Home Ideas or place a hold on our catalogue

A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things : a guide to capitalism, nature, and the future of the planet by Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore

Nature, Money, Work, Care, Food, Energy, and Lives. These are the seven things that have made our world and will continue to shape its future. By making these things cheap, modern commerce has controlled, transformed, and devastated the Earth. In A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore present a new approach to analyzing today’s planetary emergencies.

See A history of the World in Seven Cheap Things or place a hold on our catalogue

No Dig Organic Home & Garden : grow, cook, use & store your harvest by Charles Dowding - 635.048

No dig organic gardening saves time and work. It requires an annual dressing of compost to help accelerate the improvement in soil structure and leads to higher fertility and less weeds. No dig experts, Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty, explain how to set up a no dig garden. They describe how to: Make compost, enrich soil, harvest and prepare food and make natural beauty and clean ing products and garden preparations.

See No Dig Organic Home & Garden or place a hold on our catalogue

The Splendid Book of the Bicycle by Daniel Tartarsky - 796.6 TAT

The Splendid Book of the Bicycle is a wide-ranging celebration of the bicycle and cycling, incorporating social history, sport and science. It covers the bicycle's invention and subsequent historical development, stories of intrepid early cyclists who travelled the world, the 20th-century popularity of cycle touring, and the depiction of bicycles in films, books and art.

See The Splendid Book of the Bicycle or place a hold on our catalogue

Pig Tits & Parsley Sauce : slash your grocery bill by living sustainably by Lyn Webster - 640 WEB

Original city girl turned sharemilker and solo mother of two, Lyn Webster has battled against hard times, creating a business that is helping her out of the financial pit into which she fell a few years ago. By slashing the weekly family grocery bill, Lyn has managed to save literally thousands of dollars over a short space of time. In Pig Tits & Parsley Sauce, Lyn shares the lessons she's learnt along the way, offering budgeting ideas so you too can live economically and be more self-sufficient.

See Pig Tits & Parsley Sauce or place a hold on our catalogue