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Aviatrices - Women in Aviation

This Easter Marlborough will again host Yealands Classic Fighters Airshow. This year the show focuses on Aviatrices; women in aviation.

Go to the Classic Fighters Website for more information.

Let your mind soar to new heights and celebrate the wonderful women of the air with some of our great titles.

Sky High : Jean Batten's Incredible Flying Adventures by David Hill 92 BAT

In 1934, Jean Batten set a world record for the fastest flight from England to Australia. Two years later, she made the first-ever solo flight from England to New Zealand

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Jean Batten : the story of New Zealand's great pioneering aviator by Luisa Adam 92 BAT

Celebrates the amazing story of Jean Batten who, born in Rotorua in 1909, was to become one of the great international stars of aviation who braved the skies in the 1920s and 30s. She flew high into the sky in her tiny aeroplane and covered huge distances across the globe in an era well before the advent of jet airliners and only a short time after the motorcar had begun to replace the horse and cart. Determined to fly from a very young age, Jean broke several world and solo records and attained many aviation firsts in the space of a few short years. Her spectacular career was the product of fierce determination, commitment, focus, dedicated training, and at times uncanny talent.

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The Infinite Air by Fiona Kidman

Jean Batten became an international icon in the 1930s. A brave, glamorous woman, she made a number of heroic solo flights across the world. The newspapers couldn't get enough of her; and yet she suddenly slipped out of view, disappearing to the Caribbean with her mother and dying in obscurity in Majorca, buried in a pauper's grave. Fiona Kidman's enthralling novel delves into the life of this enigmatic woman, uncovering mysteries that have been previously unknown and crafting a fascinating exploration of early flying, of mothers and daughters, and of fame and secrecy.

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Fly Girls by Keith O'Brien 629.13 OBR

Profiles Louise Thaden, a studious pilot, mother, and wife; Ruth Nichols, who was brave and willing to do anything to be the best; Amelia Earhart, the smartest of the bunch, with average flying ability, but the weight of powerful money behind her; Ruth Elder, gorgeous and bright, who went on to star in films; and Florence Klingensmith, a high school dropout and a naturally talented pilot and mechanic who could challenge the men head-to-head in speed racing. They fought with rudimentary technology, severe weather, and undermining men to accomplish their goals.

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Silver wings : New Zealand women in aviation by Shirley Lainé 920.72

Silver Wings tells the story of New Zealand's women flyers, from the 1920s, when a woman's place was deemed to be on the ground (preferably in the home), until the present day, when women fly every type of aircraft and are involved in aviation sport of all kinds. After 22 December 1925, when Gladys Sandford became the first woman in New Zealand to obtain a pilot licence, more and more women followed her example, despite some prejudice from male colleagues, from the aviation industry and from friends.

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The Women Who Flew for Hitler : The true story of Hitler's Valkyries by Clare Mulley

Hanna Reitsch and Melitta von Stauffenberg were strikingly attractive, courageous, ambitious women who fought convention to make their names in the male-dominated field of flight - both were pioneering test pilots and both were awarded the Iron Cross for service to the Third Reich. Clare Mulley gets under the skin of these two most distinctive and unconventional women, telling the full story of their contrasting yet strangely parallel lives, against a changing backdrop of the 1936 Olympics, the Eastern Front, the Berlin Air Club, and Hitler's bunker.

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Under a Pole Star by Stef Penny

Flora Mackie ('the Snow Queen') at the age of 12 fell in love with the far north. The whaler's daughter from Dundee - set out to become a scientist and explorer yet struggled to be taken seriously at the head of a British expedition, Set in stark Greenland (as well as New York and London), this compelling look at the 'golden age' of exploration and an epic love story. It shows that sometimes you have to travel to the furthest edge of the world in order to find your true place in it.

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