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Featured Titles

Most Read Books of the Year

2019's most popular titles in the Marlborough District Libraries collection are presented here for anyone who may have missed them. There's something for everyone among these--from gripping historical nail-biters, family dramas, true (blue) grit and heaps of suspense! Below are the top of the heap from thousands borrowed over the calendar year.

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Becoming by Michelle Obama 92 Oba

In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America, she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history. With unerring honesty and lively wit, she describes her triumphs and her disappointments, both public and private. A deeply personal reckoning of a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defied expectations.

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The Note through the Wire by Doug Gold 940.5472 MUR

This is a true World War II love story about a Slovenian partisan, Josefine Lobnik, and a New Zealand prisoner of war, Bruce Murray, who met by chance when she pushed a note through the barbed wire fence of a POW camp. A series of remarkable coincidences saw their lives intersect, but they had to overcome extraordinary obstacles to realise their dream of a life together. On one level this is a rollicking yarn, with tales of intrigue, daring, resistance, retaliation and escape. On another it's a fascinating account of the resistance movement, the disastrous Allied Greek campaign, the harshness of wartime life in a conquered nation, the civil tensions that divided a young country and the barbarity of the advancing Soviet forces. But at its heart this is an against-all-odds love story between a POW and a local freedom fighter - a true story with all the elements of fast-paced fiction.

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The Kaikoura job: rebuilding KiwiRail's Main North Line by ALR Merrifield 385.0993 MER

The reconstruction and reopening of the Main North Line following the magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake of 14 November 2016, which demolished a long length of both the railway line and the parallel State Highway 1. More than 1700 workers tackled one of the biggest rail rebuild projects since World War II. Getting the task completed quickly was important, though still with safety a priority. In just 10 months a limited freight service was on offer, running at night only so that work on the road and rail links could continue during the day.

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Life on the Muzzle by Fiona Redfern 993.78 Red

Remote Muzzle Station in southern Marlborough has captured the hearts and minds of generations, including Fiona Redfern and her parents before her. Fiona grew up and thrived in the splendid isolation, and wouldn’ t have it any other way. Now Fiona and her husband Guy are running the station and raising their two small children in this wonderful but challenging environment.As the crow flies, Muzzle Station is not too far from Kaikoura. But it’ s not easy to get there. First, the truck — and it has to be a truck — must make it across the Clarence River. If the river is swollen or in flood, there will be no journey. Once safely across, there are more than 25 smaller river crossings and a 1370-metre-high mountain range to get across. If all goes well it takes three hours to make the drive, but it is often blocked with rockfalls and slips, not to mention snow, or rain that turns the track's clay surface to mud, rendering it completely undriveable. There is another option. On a good day, it's just a 15-minute flight by Cessna 180 fourseater aircraft to Kaikoura. But good days are not always easy to come by in this part of the country, especially when they are needed! This is the story of family life on New Zealand’ s remotest station, and what it’ s like to live and work in what is literally the back of beyond.

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Past Tense/Midnight Line/No Middle Name by Lee Child

Who's six foot five with dirty blond hair, ice blue eyes and a fifty inch chest? Jack Reacher (there's even an inseam measurement), of course--who is the hero of this immensely popular series. Numbers 22 (The Midnight Line) and 23 (Past Tense) along with the Jack Reacher novella (No Middle Name) make up the trifecta by Child among the most popular of 2019. This year, these are sure to be followed by the latest (Blue Moon)--also available at your library.

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The House Across the Street by Lesley Pearse

Galway 1993: Young Garda Cormac Reilly is called to a scene he will never forget. Two silent, neglected children - fifteen-year-old Maude and five-year-old Jack - are waiting for him at a crumbling country house. Upstairs, their mother lies dead. Twenty years later, a body surfaces in the icy black waters of the River Corrib. At first it looks like an open-and-shut case, but then doubt is cast on the investigation's findings - and the integrity of the police. Cormac is thrown back into the cold case that has haunted him his entire career - what links the two deaths, two decades apart? As he navigates his way through police politics and the ghosts of the past, Detective Reilly uncovers shocking secrets and finds himself questioning who among his colleagues he can trust. What really did happen in that house where he first met Maude and Jack? The Ruin draws us deep into the dark heart of Ireland and asks who will protect you when the authorities can't - or won't.

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Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

The retreat at health and wellness resort Tranquillum House promises total transformation. Nine stressed city dwellers are keen to drop their literal and mental baggage, and absorb the meditative ambience while enjoying their hot stone massages. Watching over them is the resort's director, a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies. These nine perfect strangers have no idea what is about to hit them.

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The Clockmakers Daughter by Kate Morton

My real name, no one remembers. The truth about that summer, no one else knows. In the summer of 1862, a group of young artists led by the passionate and talented Edward Radcliffe descends upon Birchwood Manor on the banks of the Upper Thames. Their plan: to spend a secluded summer month in a haze of inspiration and creativity. But by the time their stay is over, one woman has been shot dead while another has disappeared; a priceless heirloom is missing; and Edward Radcliffe's life is in ruins. Over one hundred and fifty years later, Elodie Winslow, a young archivist in London, uncovers a leather satchel containing two seemingly unrelated items: a sepia photograph of an arresting-looking woman in Victorian clothing, and an artist's sketchbook containing the drawing of a twin-gabled house on the bend of a river. Why does Birchwood Manor feel so familiar to Elodie? And who is the beautiful woman in the photograph? Will she ever give up her secrets? Told by multiple voices across time, The Clockmaker's Daughter is a story of murder, mystery and thievery, of art, love and loss. And flowing through its pages like a river, is the voice of a woman who stands outside time, whose name has been forgotten by history, but who has watched it all unfold: Birdie Bell, the clockmaker's daughter.

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