New Genre Bookmarks Available

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New Genre Bookmarks Available

Have you read all the books by your favourite author? Looking for what to read next?

We have new genre bookmarks available at Marlborough District Libraries.

Each genre has its own bookmark includes a list of popular authors for the genre.

The bookmarks include the following genres:

  1. adventure
  2. award winners
  3. books to movies
  4. chick lit
  5. contemporary romance
  6. cosy mysteries
  7. detective fiction
  8. dystopian
  9. erotic fiction
  10. family saga
  11. fantasy
  12. historical
  13. historical romance
  14. horror
  15. humour
  16. legal fiction
  17. New Zealand fiction
  18. paranormal romance
  19. psychological
  20. red dust
  21. religious reads
  22. science fiction
  23. sea stories
  24. spy fiction
  25. thriller
  26. urban fantasy
  27. war stories
  28. western

Come into the libraries to browse the selection and find some new authors.